Our Company

We wake up every morning excited to save your company money.

We enjoy learning about what makes your company unique.

We aim to boost your cash-flow so that you can continue to grow.

We are steadfast in claiming what is true R&D and what is rightfully due.

With over 25+ years of combined experience, we are your trusted R&D Tax Credit resource.


Provide financial analysis and strategic tax planning.



Review and substantiate activities pursuant to the tax code.


Provide industry insight to each and every project.


Customer Support

Always a call or email away to assist in the claim process.

Our Story

It’s a simple story.  We witnessed the pain points for small businesses and their CPAs regarding the R&D credit and we developed a solution.  Every year billions of dollars are rewarded to eligible companies nationwide, but historically only a small percentage of Startups benefit.  With new legislation, came new and improved saving opportunity for small businesses.

That’s why we created the rad app.  Small business are an underserved group, and our thoughtfully designed process enables cash-conscious small businesses to best pursue what they’re due.  Our app has the tools and our team equips our clients with expertise and support along the way, pairing efficiency with quality every step of the way.

  • Technology Clients 100%
  • SaaS 80%
  • SaaS + Hardware 20%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
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