R&D Tax Credits for Startups


The rad app: The R&D credit tool designed for entrepreneurs.



3 hours

Average client’s time to complete R&D project.


Average dollars saved in the first year.

20 Years

Combined CPA and Tax Attorney experience that substantiates each claim.


Dollars available to reduce annual payroll taxes.

Indago makes it happen for you. The app makes it structured and easy.   I felt like we had a guided process, a wizard, a good trusted place. We applied easily and quickly (like a TurboTax but for this matter).

Gabriel Senior

COO, Parlevel Systems

How it Works

Once our client uses our proprietary online platform, our internal team of tax specialists review, substantiate and calculate your R&D tax credit amount and deliver reports and forms quickly. The result: Easy to obtain cash savings for your growing business.

The rad app guides you through the R&D tax credit claim application process.


Once submitted, our in-house team of tax attorneys, CPAs, & engineers review and substantiate the claim.

Download your R&D tax credit claim, file it with your taxes, begin reducing payroll taxes.

What is THE R&D Tax Credit?
The federal R&D tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax liability or payroll tax liability for qualified expenditures incident to the development or improvement of a product, process, software, formula or invention.
Does my startup qualify?
You likely qualify if your company is less than 5 years old, has generated $5m or less in gross receipts for the claim year, and has incurred $100k in R&D related expenses.


See our tax credit calculator*

How do I claim my R&D tax credit?
Our app walks you through the entire R&D claim process. Think Turbo Tax but specifically designed for software startups.  Tax forms for filing will also include easy directions.
How long does this process take?
Duration is highly correlated with the amount of R&D spend in addition to the number of eligible projects and resources. If all the applicable information is easily accessible, the process usually takes the end user just 2-3 hours!
Why haven't I applied for this credit in the past?
This IRS incentive was recently made permanent by the Federal government with the “PATH” Act of 2015. With permanency came lucrative enhancements to the code. While the R&D tax credit is not new, your company now no longer has to be profitable to take advantage of this valuable credit. All eligible companies can now apply the credit against their payroll taxes resulting in an immediate cash injection of up to $250,000.

Streamlined Workflow

Once your reports and tax forms are reviewed and completed, our deliverable is turn-key for your Accountant and Payroll Provider.

We also are happy to provide support should your CPA or Payroll Provider have any questions.

True Self-Service

Track projects, spend, and activities through a user-friendly interface that fits into your busy schedule.

On average, our rad app takes only hours to submit a claim, compared to weeks or months it takes with another provider. Talk about ROI!

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