R&D credit services for CPA firms


The Research and Development application (the rad app) is a back-office tool for accountants to help their innovative clients take advantage of cash-boosting R&D Tax Credits.



CPAs take the lead

As a traditional consulting firm that has supported CPAs for over 30 years, we are asked over and over from companies why their CPA just doesn’t do the R&D study for them, and we believe that there has never been a better time for CPA firms to lead the R&D Tax Credit Study process. Having an in-depth understanding and experience with clients of all sizes in various lifecycles and tax positions, we know that successfully implementing a sound program can be overwhelming, and ultimately, taxing. CPAs want to lead the service, there are barriers to deploying a specialty tax offering in-house.  To combat hindrances, many firms list “R&D Tax Credits” under their service offerings but still rely on third-party providers expertise or the one person in their company who had “some” experience back at a Big 4 firm.

The good news is Indago’s program for CPAs tackles all the prior challenges and establishes a process for CPA firms to easily follow and implement into their practice. The programs requires no extra hiring or overhead.  It is technology driven with an emphasis on client experience. Plus, their is full-time support in every phase.

Its time to say goodbye to lost profits and hello to your new R&D program.  What is your firm waiting for? Let’s help your clients together!

CPAs save their clients time and money when they help facilitate and complete their R&D projects.

Implementing an R&D Tax Credit program results in increased revenue for CPAs and maximized savings for their clients.

CPA firms equipped with the right tools can cost-effectively implement R&D Tax Services into their business offerings.  All they need is the right support and program.

When a CPA knows what to look for, they can facilitate tens of thousands of dollars or more in savings.


How it Works

Our tax specialists uniquely pair formal R&D Tax Credit training with our proprietary technology to equip CPA firms to skillfully document, substantiate, and calculate their clients’ R&D tax credit amounts for a small fraction of the price of deploying a full-time R&D staff.

The rad app enables CPAs to confidently offer a knowledgable and streamlined solution to their clients where they get to be in charge, and eliminates the need to rely on various relationships with third-party providers that their clients may be using year to year.

The rad app guides your client through the R&D tax credit claim application process from start to finish.  You can jump in at any time to answer questions, expand on certain activities, and provide tips along the way.


The client appreciates you performing most of the heavy lifting and incorporating the findings into their tax returns.  Best of all, the CPA is always supported by Indago in the back end should they need assistance at any time.

The CPA realizes greater client retention, credibility, and profits for their efforts.

What is the R&D Tax Credit?

The federal R&D tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax liability or payroll tax liability for qualified expenditures incident to the development or improvement of a product, process, software, formula or invention.  Under IRC 41 as a permanent fixture of the tax code, CPAs and their clients can strategically tax plan around the incentive and create greater long-term budgeting goals.

Does my client qualify?

If they are actively developing, producing, manufacturing, or providing technical services such as engineering (any discipline) or architectural design, chances are very high that your client has activities and expenses that could qualify towards claiming the R&D Tax Credit.

How do I help my client claim the R&D tax credit?

Our app walks you and your client through the entire R&D claim process. Think Turbo Tax but specifically designed for this tax incentive.  Tax forms for filing will also include easy directions. Best of all, you get to take the lead.

How long does this process take?
Duration is highly correlated with the amount of R&D spend in addition to the number of eligible projects and resources. If all the applicable information is easily accessible, the process usually takes the end user just 2-3 hours!
Why haven't I offered this in the past?

It is expensive and time consuming to put together a robust R&D tax team that has the experience and know-how to handle clients in various industries, especially when you are already handling or offering other value-add services for your clients.  That paired with the fact that CPA firms vary in the amount of clients that are actively engaging in R&D, often results in the conclusion that it is just not always a worthwhile endeavor for a CPA firm to undertake.  But that can now change! No matter if your firm has 1 or 1000 eligible R&D clients, The rad app is a cost-effective solution to add to your service offerings and your firm’s bottom-line.


Streamlined Workflow

Once reports and tax forms are reviewed and completed, deliverable is turn-key for the Accountant to add to client’s tax return.

We always are a call or email away to provide support should your client have any questions you might need confirmation on.

True Self-Service

You and your client can track projects, spend, and activities through a user-friendly interface that fits into your busy schedules.

On average, our rad app takes only hours to submit a claim, compared to weeks or months it takes with another provider. Talk about ROI!

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